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The Carpetbagger’s Weekly Case Studies

Gwyneth Paltrow in Band of Outsiders and Jimmy Choo

Nothing soo special, but still nice.  Though I gotta hand it to Gywneth for getting getting away with that neckline.  She carries the sexy detail off with class.  Hate the shoes, wish she went with simple black pumps, but ya win some, ya lose some.

Heidi Klum in Versace

Heidi looks super adorable in this Versace mini.  Nicely accessorized with the two-toned heels, and simple jewelry.  But this dress, I’m having my own little love affair… I think it’s the cut outs with gold embellishments that really do it for me.  Versace, why weren’t you this cute when you did a stint at H & M?!

Vanessa Hidgens in Tibi

This color looks beautiful on her skin tone.  Nice and simple, just hope she doesn’t trip!

Elizabeth Olsen in Chanel

So I may have said that toying with the Pilgrim trend has potential to be quirky cool, but good Lord, this sure isn’t the way.  I’m sorry Chanel, I will always love you, but I had no idea you were capable of such doughty disarray!  The only back this coat should be seen on the back of is perhaps that of a middle aged woman of Royal descent, making a an appearance at a boring formal event.  Certainly not a cute young (not to mention gorgeous) actress who could do so much better.  And while the long navy skirt peeking out looks as if it could have been snatched from a wicca obsessed 90’s high schooler, the navy pointed (velour?) shoes may as well be from decade old collection by Neutralizer.  Better luck next time, Elizabeth.

Mena Suvari in Ramona Keveza

Oy, Mena!  Noooo!  All you’ve managed to do here is show us what you would look like dressed as a giant cotton ball.  I’m guessing she was trying to get all high fashion on us alla Kate Moss in Louis Vuitton, Spring 2012…

But the girl failed tremendously.  Not to put down her totally adorbs 5’4 frame, but such a dress as this shouldn’t even be considered unless you’re a freakishly tall girl who can wear anything and get away with it.  And the bow tie shoes only enhance the ugh factor.  Props for trying, but sorry honey, this is a disaster.

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