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Don’t be so Flattered…

So WWD is claiming that shoe brand Melissa’s summer 2013 Plastic Dreams magazine looks “”looks strikingly similar” to W Korea’s March 2012 cover.  Here’s the two side by side to see for yourself.

What does the Carpetbagger have to say about it?  Hogwash!  W stylist Karina Givargisoff remarked, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.”  But if you ask us, that comment isn’t so appropriate considering the content.  Yes, both images feature models with colored wigs, lounging on a lightly colored floor.  Though when it comes to similarities vs differences, there’s not much room for talk.  For starters, W’s wigs are confined to cotton candy colors.  The Melissa wigged ladies are severly more clownish with their choice of hues looking closer to the rainbow than soft dreamy pastels, not to mention the ratted out boingy curls or beehive do, compared to W’s simplistic short and sweet hairstyle.

As for the choice in wardrobe, other than Melissa’s couple girls in white tops, there’s really no room for accusations of copying.  And last time we checked, W doesn not own the color (or lack thereof) white.  And we can undoutedbly confirm the clothes are high end, Louis Vuitton, Spring/Summer 2012 to be exact, while the Melissa gals are dressed unidentifiable ensembles that honestly feel more “high street” than high end.

Another difference we feel necessary to point out- as the audience of Melissa’s ad, our attention is suppossed to go straight to the footwear, it being a footwear brand and all.  The focal point on W’s cover is on the models’ faces, while their feet are (almost) entirely out of the picture.  And while the Melissa shoes on the models are super cute, they don’t portray the same vibe we are getting from the W cover story.  Need we really say more?

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styling by Samantha Swade

Photography: Nican Robinson. Styling: Samantha Swade. Hair: Trudie Clark. Makeup: Chris Lanston

Here’s a sneak peek at the latest issue of DEW magazine, styled by the carpetbagger’s very own Samantha Swade and shot by our good friend Nican Robinson!


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A Peek behind the Scenes on my latest shoot!

Check out some pics I snapped (then played around with) from the awesome shoot I styled!  Coming soon to DEW magazine!

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Spring 2013 Collections The Carpetbagger’s Crushing on…

Elizabeth and James, Spring 2013

Milly, Spring 2013

Milly, Spring 2013

Thakoon Addition, Spring 2013

VPL, SPring 2013

VPL, Spring 2013

ICB, Spring 2013


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Fashion Week in NYC is a bitch, when you have to rely on the subway!


-The Carpetbagger

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Less than a month away!!!

Time to start getting pumped people-New York Fashion Week, Spring 2013 is well on its way, and I don’t know about you but The Carpetbagger’s already gettin antsy!

Invasion of Chic Models strutting down the runways and streets of NYC?  Yes Please!!!!

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