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Special Shout Out…

My good friend and fashion photographer Daymion Mardel has an eye for beauty like none other. In honor of his birthday I’d like to show some of my recent favorites!

And now for some of his rad shots for J. Crew!

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The Magnificent Alice Springs

The fabulous Alice Springs is the pseudonym created by June Browne (also known by her stage name, June Brunell). After marrying famed photographer Helmut Newton in 1948 at the age of 25, “Alice Springs” wasn’t “born” for another 22 years.
After pursuing acting for much of her life, she gave it up due to language barriers after moving from her Australian roots to Paris in the early 60’s where she temporarily turned her attention to painting. Her exploration into photography was actually somewhat of an accident-due to husband Newton’s temporary illness, June was needed to step in for him on a commercial photo shoot, thus beginning her journey into photography, and her creation of Alice Springs. She was soon recognized for her works in fashion magazines such as Marie Claire, Nova, Depeche Mode, Vogue, and by 1974 her shot made the cover of French Elle.

In 1978, Alice Springs held her first of many (worldwide) solo shows in Amsterdam.

In 1998, Helmut Newton and Alice Springs released their works as a couple in “Us and Them,” a Swiss publication of photographs complete with a touring exhibition.

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