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The Carpetbagger’s Weekly Case Studies

Miranda Kerr in Willow Skirt and Prada pumps

First and foremost, this top deserves its very own round of applause.  It’s rectangular silhouette, three quarter sleeves, and strategically placed front pockets make this blouse anything but “basic white button down.”  The way it drapes on Miranda’s body is divine.  Granted, it’s worn by  a tall and thin supermodel, this blouse’s boxy shape is responsible for taking her whole outfit to another level. The Willow mini skirt and Prada pumps are clean and classic, pieces that if you have the body for it, you can’t go wrong.  Here’s a girl who knows what she’s got and knows how to flaunt it with style and grace.

Berenice Bejo

I’m sorry, but was this event that Berenice Bejo attended held at Medieval Times?  Otherwise, there is simply no excuse for this mess.  I guess if you look only at the top 5 or so inches of the dress, it’s sorta cute, but the rest is a disaster and I doubt I could find ANYONE who begs to differ.

Jessica Alba in Sportmax

Jessica Alba in Sportmax

Jessica Alba rocks this outfit!  It’s a perfectly laid back look for an afternoon in the East Village.  As always, blue and green go together famously and her ‘go with anything’ black booties are a great way to top it off.  She manages to look chic without trying too hard and shows how to do bright colors in the dead of winter.

Taylor Momsen in Marchesa

Taylor Momsen in Marchesa

Umm, okay.. so I had to take not a double, but triple look at this to believe what I was looking at.  Could it be?  The heinously, usually whorish/ghoulish dressed Taylor Momsen looking absolutely stunning in a lovely black laced Marchesa dress?!  By Golly, it is.  I’m sure it’s just a fluke, but damn does she look exquisite!  Here’s how you do gothic inspired in a tasteful, elegant way instead of making yourself look like you should be swinging from a stripper pole.  It fits her to a T and is plenty sexy, while still leaving plenty to the imagination.  The basic beige kitten heels are definitely the right way to go for this look, and I even like her heavy eye makeup, just no more please.  The girl looks good and based on the sly, hidden smile, I think she knows it.  Here’s hoping this major upgrade is here to stay!

Dakota Fanning in Rodarte

Nice job Dakota, I commend you for not shying away from the edgier/high fashion looks.  Dakota and her little sister Elle seem to have a solid friendship with the Mulleavy sisters and give their line  (Rodarte) some well deserved PR by sporting their masterpieces.  I’m in favor of this ensemble, (especially the silver peep toes!) and Dakota oozes poise and sophistication, not an easy task for a teen decked in the  whimsy that is Rodarte.  I wonder if the peplum blouse could be a bit more tailored to Dakota’s shape, but it doesn’t bother me.  Her blue eyes and golden hair enhance the beauty of her overall look here and her aloof pout is just perfect.

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