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The Carpetbagger’s Weekly Case Studies

Rashida Jones in Tanya Taylor

I give Rashida points for trying but when it comes down to it, she can’t pull this off.  First of all, to actually go head to toe in this one print is the first mistake.  Not to say that it can’t be done, but it’s certainly tricky and I’d only recommend taking a wack at it if you’re a fashion know it all, and know what works on your body inside and out.  I think if she wore the pants with a simple tank, or instead just the blouse and some skinny jeans or little shorts, she’d look totally adorbs, however this just makes her look like she’s trying too hard and comes out looking like a frump.  I do believe she has a waist somewhere in there!

Jennifer Morrison

Very cute.  To take the whole androgynous thing THIS far takes guts and I gotta say she does it with poise.  However there are a few concerns-  As far as the tie goes, I wish she went with a bow tie, it’d be much quirkier and sweet, and perhaps some stiletos to up the  femme factor?  These pumps get sorta lost in the whole look…However, most importantly, the fit of the suit is what works and reminds us that Jennifer is a a woman with sex appeal.

Olivia Palermo in Christian Dior

Looking like her usual, super cute self!  Love the print and classic silhouette of the (semi) drop-waist dress.  And these shoes are  perfectly sweet and vintage inspired.  She’s a smart girl to stop the look from getting too fussy, had she added anything else, it would be too much.  This look proves Olivia knows exactly what she’s doing.

Gwen Steffani in A.L.C. Skirt

I’m entirely on the same page with Gwen….. until we get to the bottom 5 or so inches.  Let’s focus on the good first- the statement necklace on the backdrop of a black tank paired with a white skirt is right on cue and her black shades are no-fuss cute, then… ew!  Way to ruin a perfectly cute outfit!  The footless tights/shoes situation is a disaster.  I think I see where she was trying to go with this look and I almost get it,but she clearly forgot to look in the mirror before leaving the house!  With the length of the skirt being on the longer side, these booties are hard to pull off, then once you throw the blunt cutoff hosiery into the mix, you’re left with a hot mess.

Sienna Guillroy in Marni

What do I say here? Meh.. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Marni and all its quirky glory, but this dress just isn’t fitting for such an event.  To enhance the dress’s potential, I’d throw on a shrunken cardigan, maybe switch from the cobalt heels to some well worn booties, (oh and leave the cuff to just one wrist, the woman looks like a jeanie).  Sienna appears to be rather uncomfortable sporting this outfit as is and it definitely shows.  I get that this is the Indie Spirit Awards and therefore may not be the “red” carpet, but honey don’t shop a stranger’s closet if you can’t pull it off.

Lindsay Lohan

Hooray for Lindsay Lohan!  First and foremost, I am thrilled to see her back to her natural roots!  The blonde hair was HORRIFIC  and completely washed her out.  Now for the clothes-simple and flattering, just the way this train-wreck needs to dress herself if she ever wants to be taken seriously again.  I wouldn’t even recommend her sporting avant garde looks or super new designers..  this girl has no room left for mistakes and should just play it safe.  This outfit is a tremendous step in that direction.

Nicole Richie

How cute!  This dress is totally adorbs and Nicole Richie knows it!  It fits her to a T and the colorful belt is the perfect accessory for this fresh look.  Get’s me excited for Springtime!

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