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The Carpetbagger’s Weekly Case Studies

Emma Roberts in Jonathan Saunders

So, if for some odd reason, Emma was going for matronly, nun inspired Choir garb, she hit the nail on the head.  Ms. Roberts is a young girl who experiments with fashion, and tries fairly hard to be edgy and cool, sometimes she nails it, sometimes not so much.  It really comes down to chance it appears.  The thing is Emma, my dear, dressing yourself really shouldn’t be that hard.  Or if it is that hard for you, hire a stylist who makes it look as if it should come naturally, alla Kate Bosworth, or the lovely Emma Watson, perhaps.  This dress by (the typically lovely) Jonathan Saunders isn’t necessarily the worst I’ve EVER seen, but I think anyone under the age of 65 should be forbidden from even trying it on.

Olivia Palermo in Paige Denim Ultra Skinny Tye dye Jeans

Ah this is more like it!  THIS is a stellar example of one’s personal style shining through, all the while looking as if it was done with ease and peace of mind.  Granted Olivia’s not on the red carpet, as miss Roberts in the previous look, however no matter the occasion, fashion should never be overly overdone.

Jessica Alba in Kate Spade

Jessica Alba totally gets color-blocking-one of my personal favorite trends.  There’s a nice variation here of bold hues and I’m super into the two-toned heels as well (another huge trend at the moment).  Alba’s a smart girl for sporting the primary colors in particular, always easy on the eye.  And no better way to top off a look with a leather jacket.

Jessica Szohr in Sparkle & Fade

Oy Gevalt Jessica!  You ever heard of a little something called a steamer?  Clearly not because this jumpsuit has more creases in it than my overflowing laundry basket.  And the fact that most happen to be in the bottom region, is really unfortunate.  Wrinkles aside, this jumper isn’t awful and could potentially be saved.  For starters, a simple belt could work wonders, and a structured blazer can up the ante of any outfit a great deal.  But my first piece of advise, fire your stylist.  And if you came out looking like this because you don’t have one, get one!

Tilda Swinton in Sonia Rykiel

Miss Swinton deserves a round of  applause for this masterpiece!  She so chicly displays how one takes advantage of their slightly odd appearance and showcase it in a bold and poised manner.  If any woman should own the androgynous look, it’s Tilda.  I mean let’s get real here, it’d be almost silly to see her all dolled up in flouncy, frilly things, no?  She’s somewhat bizarre looking, and not the slightest bit feminine, and she clearly doesn’t give a damn!  Everything from the dark jewel tones to the perfect fit of this suit, is smashing and this overall look does a superb job of highlighting her unconventional beauty.

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