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Go For The Gold



To quote the villianous (and hilarious) Goldmember from Austin Powers, “I love gooooooold!” The metallic yellow element, which symbolizes absolute divineness, is certainly not for the faint of heart. Often way over the top and rather gaudy, the precious metal has the ability to take any hum drum object and make it spectacular… Remember little Charlie Bucket from a little film called “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory?”

Charlie with the Golden Ticket!

Charlie with the Golden Ticket!

My favorite band the Arctic Monkeys who are quite in touch with their nolstalgic sides (which is part of why they’re my fave) were so inspired by the film’s brilliance, they were so kind to surprise two lucky fans with hidden “golden tickets” in their vinyl versions of the single “Crying Lightning” from Oxfam record stores back in August of 2009 to attend that summer’s “Reading and Leed’s” Festival. You can read the article at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/8203997.stm

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys

What could be more magical than a treasured golden ticket to swoon over these lads?

Now for some of my current golden obsessions!

Can It! Bank

Golden Can Bank available at Fredflare.com

Buy it here!

The Golden Banana

Jonathan Adler's Golden Banana

Buy the gold banana!

Este Gold Piggy Bank available at banksbanksbanks.com

Buy the gold piggy bank!

Cutipol Cutlery

Golden Cutipol Cutlery available at shophorne.com

Buy the gold Cutlery!

Gold dipped Nike Dunks

Gold dipped Nike Dunks


These bad boys created back in 2007 hold the high price of $4,500. It is unknown if a pair was ever purchased, but damn are they sweet kicks.

Hugging Salt and Pepper Shakers

For the price of just ten bucks this adorable salt and pepper shaker set can be yours. I bought mine from the artist in Union Square; he’s there at least a few days a week.

Jarlath Melett Florentine Wine Glass in Gold

Buy it here!

Porcelain Gold Finch by Shan Valla

Buy the golden finches!

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The Magical Time Has Come… Bergdorf Goodman’s Holiday 2011 Window Displays!

The Red Feathered Seductress Window

Never one to disappoint, Bergdorf’s did an outstanding job with this Holiday Season’s windows. Each display was simply breath taking and the amount of detail put into each aspect was awe-inspiring. They had a lovely theme of animals which is perfectly nolstalgic and classic- simply ideal for Christmas. The creation of each animal was directly motivated by the concept of the specific designer dress, at the forefront of each window.

The Golden Goddess Window

The Paper Princess Window

The Porky Pine

This window consists of paper and paper only. The craftmanship is unbelievable.

Sword Fish


The Sea Muse Window

The White Beaded Snow Princess Window

A serenely gorgeous rendition of a lovely beauty dressed in white, surrounded by her enchanted animal friends. The display wouldn’t be complete without the champagne popping monkey, but my favorite creature has to be the tea cup balancing seal.

The Silver Mirrored Lady

The Wooden Window

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