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The Carpetbagger’s Weekly Case Studies

Lea Michele

Major improvement from last week!  Just lovely Lea!  A girl can never go wrong with fresh, crisp white in Springtime!

Heather Morris

Frankly, I’m a little scared.  Did Britney S. Pierce or Heather Morris pick this look?!  Very often girls get an idea and sort of run in the wrong direction with it, but it still tends to make some sense as you can typically see where they’re trying to go.  But I couldn’t be more lost here.  She’s just sending soo many mixed messages!  Her footwear says chic/quirky schoolgirl; Her middle area says K Mart hippie;  the top says 13 year old girl at dance class, and her tacky hair says yearbook picture circa 1992!  Someone give this girl a towel.

Ellie Kemper in Naeem Khan

First things first, this dress kicks some serious ass!  With that said, I would have definitely done it up on the accessories side of things.  Just can’t help but feel that this look is lacking a little pizazz.  The tribal inspired print is rad, not too mention the impecible fit of this classic cocktail dress.  Though I can’t help but feel something maybe missing… design and tailoring aside, this ensemble is a little too beige all on it’s own.  Bring in a lavish beaded  statement necklace in a boldy saturated hue, a strong  brass cuff, even a pair of chandelier earrings, and this ensemble would up the ante.  Still totally cute look and a pleasant surprise for an actress who isn’t your typical fashionista.

January Jones in Mary Katrantzou

Honestly January, talk about inconsistency!  One day you look like a total trainwreck (have a particular potato sack dress in mind), the next you’re in a total show stopper!  Prints master Mary Katrantzou on the red carpet?  Yes please!  However, if I had the chance to wear this wickedly talented designer’s work to an event, I don’t that I would go with this black and white choice.

Mary Katrantzou, Fall 2011

Compared to Katrantzou’s other masterpieces this dress is rather on the quiet side, but hey it’s baby steps.  Plus, I see a smidgen of January’s insecurity peaking out, probably due to walking on the wilder side of fashion, so had this been a more traditional Mary Katrantzou (which isn’t the least bit traditional), the actress may  appear completely overwhelmed.  Wonder what January will put herself in next, anyone’s guess is as good as mine!


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