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Hairy Situation

Bold move for Vogue to put this young-en on the much anticipated February issue, but damn she looks good!  Taylor Swift is clearly a beauty and I doubt she has the physical ability to look anything short of gorgeous, but stylistically speaking, not so sure.  However, apparently on location for the shoot, after hours spent fussing over how to style her hair to make it look like Taylor has bangs, the county-pop star said to hell with it (probably something much sweeter) and had them just go for it.  Though she’s not the first beauty  to give in to the world renowned magazine when it’s come to drastically changing a hairstyle for the sake of fashion (ie: Natalie Portman and Selma Blair), Taylor Swift has earned a few (style) points in my book.

Then there’s the lovely Emmy Rossum, another drop dead beauty, covering the latest issue of Self magazine.  Miss Rossum, however made it clear she’s not so laid back with her long brown locks.  “It’s not like cutting your hair… you can always take the sweater off!”  Granted this fashion shoot was for a magazine more focused on women’s health and wellness vs fashion, it appears she may not be so carefree with  her style.

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