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We ALL Live in a Yellow Submarine. No Really…


Unless, you’ve been living under a rock since last Fashion Week (Fall 2012), you have to have noticed the overwhelming (not to mention positively Groovy!) dose of psychedelia into Fashion. Between Prada’s bright patterned suits and Louis Vuitton’s mirror encrusted appliques, designers are sending a clear message that this season is no time to dress stale and mundane.  The Carpetbagger is totally loving this “more is more” mentality, and can’t wait to indulge in the carousel adorning trend!

                                                                                                              FALL RTW 2012

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The Carpetbagger’s Very Own Mirror Girl

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Happy 111th Birthday, Bergdorf Goodman!

According to’s Darrell Hartman, the fabulous party included

” a standing polar bear, hot air balloon chandelier, and other archival Bergdorf’s props made it seem as though they’d walked into one of the store’s famous windows. Cotton clouds hovered just below the ceiling, and event designer Bronson van Wyck explained that he’d kitted out the place with “every kind of purple flower that grows on the planet right now in the northern and southern hemispheres.”

The Carpetbagger has fingers crossed we’ll someday get to attend such a magically grand evening!

Ruby Jean Wilson, in Marc Jacobs.

Mirte Maas and Patricia van der Vliet.

Sara Blomqvist with Eniko Mihalik, in Marchesa.

Tommaso Cardile and Jennifer Missoni.

Cynthia Rowley and Bill Cunningham.

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The Urge To Wander

It is edgy. It is seedy. It is touristy.  And it probably deserves all the bad press it receives. But there is no denying the sense of drama and theatre in the psychedelic barrio of La Boca. A throwback to its maritime history and the meshing of cultures of early immigrant settlers.

The name is said to be derived from its location at ‘La Boca’ (the mouth) of the Riochuelo river, and the port where the Spanish first landed in 1530. Others claim the barrio was named after ‘Boccadasse‘ a neighbourhood in Genoa, by Genoese immigrants who landed three centuries (and independence) later, in the by then gritty meatpacking and tanning district. The Spaniards had long since moved inland, leaving only their African slaves behind. The area further declined when the shipping industry was transferred to the new port in Puerto Madero.

DSCN1902 copy

The most touristy part today, thankfully rendered less overwhelming by the…

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