Carpetbagger Coverage: Degen, Fall 2013

Degen, Fall 2013

Degen, Fall 2013

To say this rad label has a real quirk factor would be an understatement. By now we know to expect a big dose color and texture in Degen’s collections. However what they presented at Fall 2013 Fashion Week appears to be somewhat toned toned compared to its couple previous seasons, and while this observation may sound like a bit of a diss, we assure you we mean intend it to be taken only as a compliment.

Now, we’re all for fun and games in fashion; a real goof factor is often refreshing. Though at the end of the day, we are potentially looking to clothe our bodies in these garments, and if it’s one costume piece after another, we’re afraid we may come off a bit loony. Thinking back to last season’s pizza shirt, just a notch or two under that level of eccentricity maybe a totally okay thing.  And what we saw for next Fall?  Just that!  The perfect amount of silliness has been knit into this collection and we already have a laundry list of pieces we’d love to claim as our own-starting with those degen i.d.ed socks and followed by the brightly shagged sweaters.  Oh and those green crocheted pants are pretty fabulous as well!

Not to be left unsaid, the evident presense of an old school projector being used to portrude fiber terminology on the wall was pure brilliance.  It not only reminded us of our days in Art school lectures, but softly emphasizes the (anything, but funny) techerous process of creating knitwear, making desinger’s Lindsay Degen’s work all the more inspiring.


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