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-Juicy Couture, Fall/Winter Ad Campagin 2009


Julien David Steps Up to the Plate

Julien David, Fall 2012

Julien David, Fall 2012

Julien David, Fall 2012

This was only the third season we’ve seen Julien David’s designs walk down the runway and I am liking what I’m seeing.  The collection embodies a somewhat laid back preppy feel, with a touch of humor.   What with all the Royal Tenenbaum-esque tennis headbands and oversized silhouettes, Julien David proves to not take his work too seriously.  The overall color palette and sporadic use of pattern keep things interesting, but don’t overpower the designs themselves.  I’m quite pleased with this collection and look forward to what Julien David will bring us next!

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Dolce & Gabbana Pleasantly Surprise

Dolce & Gabanna, Fall 2012

Dolce & Gabanna, Fall 2012

Dolce & Gabanna, Fall 2012

Dolce & Gabanna, Fall 2012


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The Carpetbagger’s Case Studies: Oscars Edition!

On Oscar night, the red carpet was overflowing with a bevy of gowns.   Some classic and tasteful and some not so much.. I will just be recapping the dresses that were most impressionable to me.

Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji

Octavia Spencer looks positively splendid, this dress is simply divine on her.  Not only is the classic silhouette super flattering, but the intricately beaded fabric drapes to her body like white on rice.  Definitely a winning look.  The only accessory I can think of that could take it up a notch is that little gold statue.. oh wait, you won that too.

Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture

I’m digging Emma Stone in this red Giambattista Valli gown.  Just as fitting as her vibrant hair color, it’s bold hue suits Emma and her infectious personality.  This beautiful talent is no wallflower and she’s making that clear in a very classy way (take note Fergie).  The dress has a touch of that old hollywood glamour to it, yet still manages to have a free-flowing and relaxed vibe, much like Emma herself.  A tiny part of me does wonder what with that body and mischievous smile, the actress could have pulled off, but she absolutely steered clear of disappointing.

Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace

Okay, I can’t say I don’t like the dress, but good G-d woman, eat a sandwich!  And any bit of respect I had for Angelina is pretty much gone after her beyond vain way of non-stop-over the top posing.  Maybe in her head she thought she was being classy?  But it’s not often I see such tackiness interrupting an otherwise elegant evening.  She loses even more points with me for putting her  disturbingly frail stature on display as if it were the epitome of sexy.  Excellent role you’re setting, mother of 6.

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

Michelle Williams has made it quite clear that she is incapable of looking anything short of perfect.  As I’ve recently mentioned, the peplum has made an overwhelming comeback and I encourage all trend followers and fashionistas alike to take note-THIS is how you wear it!  Everything about Michelle in this dress is stunning.  The subtly tiered layers humbly enhance the romantic essence of the gown.   And the simple pink clutch and classic diamond choker are chosen wisely to let the dress take center stage.  Michelle radiates absolute beauty in this Louis Vuitton and manages to set the bar for best dressed even higher.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford

I (almost) always adore what Gwyneth decides to go with on the red carpet, and though I’m a teensy bit underwhelmed, I think that this simple, white Tom Ford gown is very appropriate and lovely.  I do wish there was maybe a little bit more going on, but I don’t blame her for playing it on the safer side, it is the Oscars after-all.  She did have some mild fun with her cape/jacket piece, that later came off so we could see her structured shoulders and asymmetrical neckline, which is probably my favorite part of the whole look.  And  when it comes to looking like an ethereal goddess draped in white, Gwyneth takes home the gold!

Jessica-Chastain in Alexander McQueen

Jessica Chastain is more of a newcomer on the scene in Hollywood and to be honest, I’ve been mostly indifferent with her fashion choices.  But Jessica, you now have my full attention!  This dress, with that hair, and little else (just some wisely chosen gold earrings) is exquisite.  I would love to try on this gorgeous dress just to see what it feels like to be draped in such divine beauty.  The gold threaded flowers that wildly make their way through the gown are what really brings this dress by McQeen to the next level.  I am truly in awe of it.  Well done Jessica Chastain, way to steal the spotlight with grace, and enviable style.

Rooney Mara in Givenchy

Rooney Mara went with a white Givenchy gown with a touch of architectural detailing and a beautifully draped train.  I believe that a woman can never go wrong with Givenchy when walking the red carpet, and this dress is no exception, but honestly my favorite part of the actress’s whole look is her dreamy snowlike complexion and bluntly cut bangs.   Rooney rocks this hairstyle with more unique beauty and poise than most girls could dream of.  I am in no way opposed to her dress, but it is her fiercly bold hairstyle that I think Rooney Mara will be remembered by.

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The Carpetbagger’s Weekly Case Studies

Kate Moss in Stella McCartney

Damn, does Kate Moss know how to rock a LBD!  She never fails to make it her own and look like a dangerously sexy goddess.  LOVE the hourglass inspired style of this Stella dress and seriously doubt Ms. McCartney could find any better PR than this image right here.  Enough Said.

Jessie J at the Brit Awards

I’m only relatively familiar with Jessie J, but she certainly now has my attention!  Her + this dress = a knockout!  Clearly on the riskier side of fashion choices, this dress displays just the right amount of promiscuity.  With strategically placed appliques and classic drapery, it successfully steers clear of looking cheap and inappropriate.  The tailoring is superb and Jessie J knows just how oozes such sexy confidence.  Also loving the basic dark hue on her nails, heavy dark eye makeup, as well as the glamourous yet laid back hairstyle.  These wise styling choices only enhance the beauty of the bold gown.    This look is definitely going on my best dressed list!

Rihanna in Givenchy Dress and Solange Azagury-Partridge earrings

I neither love nor hate this look, though definitely think it deserves a second look.  The Givenchy dress is pretty and tasteful (though that odd ring on the left halter is bothering me), and the shoes are the obvious choice to go with the dress, it’s the gloves that steal the spotlight.  This look happens to be straight from the runway, which while Rihanna seems to know a thing 0r two about fashion and how to work it, this is not typically a smart move.  The runway is its very own world that nothing else can compare to, even the red carpet.  Not to say that one should never ever try to strut a direct runway look, but this was not it.  I get the gloves, I do, but they overwhelm the whole look and just sort of weigh her down.  I do however, think that if the gloves’ length hit at just passed her wrists, we may have something easier to work with here.  Overall, I’m not impressed.  I give her props for trying, but in the end thisjust doesn’t sit so well with me.

Amanda Seyfried in Nina Ricci

Loving the old Hollywood Glamour feel of this Nina Ricci dress.  The cream who and sheer, polka dotted fabric is quite angelic, and along with her almost blindingly shiny waves of golden hair, Amanda looks positively lovely.  The shoes are a bit too wedding attire for my taste, but they could have been a lot worse.

Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian in the their line for QVC

Oh, lord.  Just the typical sleazy attire worn by a Kardashian.  Kris isn’t absolutely awful, though there’s definitely room for improvement.  It’s Kim who never fails to present herself as cheap as possible.   Positively cringe-worthy.

Rooney Mara in J. Mendal

Beautiful!  I think it is safe to say that plum is Rooney Mara’s color.  She even pulls of the bold lipstick and does so smashingly.  I’ve never seen her look so happy and my guess is because she feels beautiful and most importantly, like herself.  The plunging neckline is just what this dress needs to steer clear of basic and keep things interesting.

Kate Bosworth in Burberry

Here’s a perfect example of why I love Kate Bosworth-she wears things her own way and (unlike so many of her peers) doesn’t take fashion too seriously.  The gorgeous actress always looks adorably chic and never fails to have a bit of quirk going on in whatever she’s sporting.  This ladylike pencil skirt gets a dose of whimsy thanks to the animated owl peeking out on her sweater, then wrapped in a big velvet bow.  Instead of going with something safe and expected to cover her feet, she sided with a more playfully rugged shoe in these chunky booties.   Yet still a perfect lady, she keeps the look grounded with a simple black clutch.  This is one fashionista who decides what kind of look she’s going for, mixes her expressive pieces and personal asseccories  pulls it off without a hitch!

Michelle Williams in LV Suit and Olympia Le-Tan Clutch

This girl just won’t quit!  Michelle Williams owns the purple carpet at the Indie Spirit Awards in this badass Louis Vuitton suit!  It fits her adorably petite frame to perfection and does a mighty fine job of hi-lighting her killer gams!  Gotta give the girl props for choosing to forego any hosiery, if you got the legs for it, why not?  The double breasted tuxedo blazer and its silky black/navy color combination alone has me desperately wishing money grew on trees so I could snatch one for myself!  It ever so chicly displays William’s quirk for slightly androgynous inspired pieces and I can’t think of any other gal to pull it off better.  Now for the Olympia Le-Tan book clutch… Are you freaking kidding me Michelle?  When does the cuteness end?  I’m seriously one step away from literally framing this look and hanging it by my bed!  The entire concept of Olympia Le-Tan’s nostalgic book-inspired clutches so damn cute they deserve their own special shout out!  The Academy Awards are tonight and I CANNOT wait to see what Michelle will stun in!

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Tennis Just Got Way Hot

Israeli (woohoo!) Supermodel Bar Refaeli is coming out with a lingerie line she’s calling “Under Me.”  To promote her first collection she shot an ad campaign sporting the cute and simple styled undies while playing tennis.  Eat your heart out Leonardo DiCaprio!

Bar Refaeli sporting her new lingerie line "Under Me"

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All aboard the Mayflower!

Call it a rare form of Patriotism!  We’ve seen some pilgrim inspired happenings the past few seasons, and now thanks to what we’re seeing for Fall 2012,  I think it’s safe to say the Mayflower trend is making its way to the forefront.  Slightly sexy, slightly matronly, this look is for the bold fashionistas. Of course there are ways to tone it down so you don’t look like you’re actually about to break bread with Native Americans, but I think the extremism of it is part of its charm.

Gulietta, Fall 2012

Chris Benz, Fall 2012

Moschino, Fall 2012

Vogue takes note

 Fashion minded celebrities are taking a wack at the trend

Pippa Middleton in Suzannah dress, Jessica Alba adds some sparkle, Evan Rachel Wood's in Alexa Chung for Madewell

And there is no denying Alexa Chung (one of my favorite trend-setters) has well established a sure pilgrim vibe to her personal style, both on the streets as well as modeling in editorials.  The talented model/designer, tv host/dj appears to be somewhat responsible for inspiring designers to have their fun with the Mayflower-esque look.  Heck, she even designed the dress that Evan Rachel Wood so sweetly flaunts.  She does, after all, carry it off to perfection.

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Best of Tommy Ton Street Chic Fall 2012


baby blue


(best look ever to be) get caught in the rain

21st Century Woman

Girls will be Boys

slightly pissed off geek chic

painfully cute

the prim and proper Alexa Chung

Quirky Marni Girl

rad collar/sweater duo

crafty cool

humorously enlarged chic

primary colors never go out of style

a girl can never be too sure

i part military, all parts badass

excessive indulgence


cheesy hippy punk

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The latest It Couple: Stripes and Florals!

Lulia Wallace

Duro Olowu Fall 2012

Preen Fall 2012

Charlotte Ronson Fall 2012

Tanya Taylor, Fall 2012

A subdued black and white take at No.21 Pre-fall 2012

Muted take at Nina Ricci Pre-fall 2012

Mother of Pearl, Fall 2012

DKNY Spring 2012

Wunderkind Spring 2011

Street Chic in Stripes and Florals

Stella McCartney garden party Summer 2011

Jessica Stam in Vogue UK, May 2008

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A.L.C. Steps Up to the Plate

A.L.C. Fall 2012

A.L.C. Fall 2012

A.L.C. Fall 2012

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