Sella McCartney Soho Boutique

Stella McCartney's 5,200 square feet Soho boutique

Stella McCartney has made NY a little more chic..  The talented Brit designer just brought us a new store in the Soho neighborhood, and it’s unveiling was nothing short of grand.  Besides the fact that Miss Mccartney is brilliant, the new pop up shop is destined for success for another reason.   Its location (112 Greene St) is clearly a blessed one considering it once housed a famous gallery : ”It was a legendary space all the way through the seventies and early eighties,” toasted friend and art dealer Tony Shafrazi, at the celebratory event.  ”It really is incredible for a London girl like me to be in Soho. It sounds cheesy, but it’s a dream,” confessed McCartney at one point in the evening.  Celebratory, indeed..

Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer, Craig McDean, & Stella McCartney

For more coverage on the store opening, read this article from

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